1943 Photo Allied Aviation
Corporation LRA-1 Glider Cockpit
Center Founder John K. Seidts and
1944 Stinson L-5 44-17543

Grumman Goose Airframe Spares

Information below current as of 19 September 2015. All parts are NOS except where noted, but all have some minor storage wear to painted surfaces, etc. Some have original tags from Grumman Bethpage!

af0011. Cap Rudder Bottom. NOS excellent condition. $300.00
af0012. Window Frame. $65.00
3045. Fairing Bottom Nacelle Engine Cowling. Photo of tag only- will have better photo of the fairing soon! $150.00
3047. Fairing Nose Center Section to Hull, believe to be left. $45.00
3051. Wing Fairing $125.00
3052. Fairing Top $25.00
3053. Door Assembly- Not Cockpit Access. $100.00
3054. Window Frame Assembly #2. $100.00
6811. Fairing, came with the parts, unknown application. $45.00


    Background:  VICTORY!  Formations of US Navy aircraft flying over the Battleship Missouri just before the arrival of the Japanese surrender delegation on September 1 1945. 

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