Fairchild, Fleet, Howard PT26 and PT19 parts

7 January 2005. NOTE: These parts were stored out side for many years. All will need, at a mininum, cleaning and repainting. Most steel pieces, unless otherwise noted, will need replacement. Call or email for details.

3601. Instrument Panels. Price is for each. $85.00
3599. Pair of Cowling Sections $125.00
3614. Fairing $50.00
3615. Fairing. $125.00
3616. Fairing $125.00
3624. Floor Vent $25.00
3626. Fixed Canopy Section and Rail Section $100.00
3627. Fairings $45.00
3628. Long Fairing $25.00
3631. Wing Center Section Remains. Includes Wing attach mounts and steel trusses, which look in restorable condition. Price is for one section $100.00
3632. Cowl Exhaust Section. Finned castings in fair to good shape. $125.00
3636. Torque Tube and Fittings. $150.00
3642. Non-Airworthy Fuselage Section. Has many useable parts and is good for a pattern or learning jig for fuselage welding/repair. If you need specific parts from this piece, call for pricing. $500.00
3643. Fuselage to Wing Center Section Hardware. Looks in restorable condition. $150.00
3644. Cowling Section- steel hardware needs replacement. $100.00
3645. Fairing- steel hardware needs replacement. $50.00
3646. Belly Skin. Have two, and both need some minor work. $125.00
3647. Cowling Section. Dented but reworkable. $75.00
3649. Cowling Nosebowl with air filter box. Needs some work. Steel brace is useable for pattern. **NOTE: I will sell a complete cowl section, including ducting, for a package price. $200.00
3652. Set of Ailerons. Price is for one pair of left, right. Both sets will need work. $175.00
3653, 3600. Rudders. The Good, the Bad and The Ugly. All will need some work.

The Good: $150.00

The Bad: $100.00

The Ugly: $75.00

3654. Fairing Piece. $75.00
3655. OIl Temperature Regulator Ducting Scoop. Does not include regulator, which is available separately. Good shape. $75.00
3656. Oil Temperature Regulator Ducting. Very minor corrosion, easily controlled! $125.00
3657. Fuel Tanks. Have several lefts and rights in different conditions. Most will need a new steel filler cap fitting. Some will need other work. Call or email for details. $100.00
3658. Torque Tube. This is the best of the three, but will need other parts to complete it. $125.00
3659, 3597. Rudder Pedals. Corrosion present but cleanable. Adjusters are there, but mechanism is seized. I have some linkage for use with these. Call or email what you need and I will do my best to complete you a set of fronts and rear. $150.00 per pair left and right.
3661. Zus fastener channel. $75.00 and $50.00
3662. Miscellaneous push rods for ailerons, elevators, and rudder. Most eye ends will need replacement, but tubes are in very good condition. $25.00 per tube.
3663. Some type of push rod, but not for flight controls or throttles. Possible not for PT series. $50.00
3665. Baggage Compartment door. As shown, but everything is there to make it functional again. The hinged arms are bent, but can be straightened. $75.00
3666. Fairing. $55.00
3669. Rear Canopy Fairing. $125.00