Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Landing Gear

Information below current as of 29 May 2004.

3048. 7.50 X 10.00 Wheels suitable for Howard DGA 15, GH-1 and GH-2, as well as Curtiss SNC trainer aircraft (if you find one, let me know!) $150.00 the pair

3041. 17 SC Tires. Synthetic, most marked S2, S4, or S6, and Nylon Corded. Very dirty from storage, some checking. Appropriate for Lockheed Lodestar and Ventura. Please call for availability, as this is the last supply of these tires we will have $125.00
3048. Firestone 33 SC Tire. Diamond Tread, NOS from WWII. Some checking in area near the marque, but sidewalls are otherwise in excellent condition. $200.00

3049. Goodyear and Royal Airplane 7.00 X 6 Tires. Both are NOS, but old production. Good condition, no checking evident. Natural Rubber in good condition, so should be useful. Goodyear has ribbed tread and diamond wraparound, Royal Airplane is only ribbed, as shown in photos $150.00 each
2504. NOS Aircraft Brake Backing Plates, Wheel Cylinders, and shoes. Single band type. NOS in perfect condition. Marked BF Goodrich and 13 inches in diameter 2 1/4 inches wide. Also marked USN. $425.00 the pair
2534. FM-2, F4F series Wildcat Tires! NOS 26 X 6 Aircraft Tires. Marked Nylon, and S6 which means synthetic rubber. Both are Goodyear and look useable for static or possibly flying $150.00 the pair

3056. 12.50 SC Tail Wheels. Appropriate for P40 Tail Wheels, NOS in the box with bearings and cones. $125.00

Background:  VICTORY!  Formations of US Navy aircraft flying over the Battleship Missouri just before the arrival of the Japanese surrender delegation on September 1 1945. 

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