1943 Photo Allied Aviation
Corporation LRA-1 Glider Cockpit
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1944 Stinson L-5 44-17543


Items for WWII vintage aircraft armament installations. Information below current as of 28 July 2014.

4404. US Navy Mark 7 Bomb Hoist. Manufactured by Manley Manufacturing Division of American Chain and Cable Company. This is the "fishing pole" used to load ordnance on US Navy Carrier Aircraft in WWII. It is in very good condition but needs the cable end sourced- it is missing from this one.  Runs smoothly with fool-proof hand power!
450. JH Keeney Mark IX Training Gun Sight. Used by US Navy to train fighter pilots the use of reflector gun sights. $75.00
453. USAAF C-1 Adjustable Gunsight control box. SOLD!
4210. Emerson Nose Turret Elevation Gear set. Casting is in great shape but all steel components will need repair or rehabilitation. $225.00
4209. Hydraulic Reservoir for Consolidated or Motor Products Corporation Hydraulic Turret. Good condition but needs restoration. $95.00
4208. Hydraulic Reservoir for Consolidated or Motor Products Corporation Hydraulic Turret. Good condition but needs restoration. $95.00
4135. 1944 US Navy Mark IV Bomb Trailer. Weighs 250 lbs but is rated to carry up to 2000lbs of bomb or torpedo. This item has been disasembled for sandblasting and shipment. We will sell it outright or make minor repairs, paint, and restore it as time allows or if customer desires. $800.00 unrestored, $1400.00 restored.
4133. Chest, Ammunition, M2. This is the aluminum and phenolic ammunition can for flexible nose buns on North American B25 Mitchell, early model Consolidated B24 Liberators, or Boeing B17's. In good shape but needs latch replaced (easy repair). $55.00
4131. WWII Turret Seatbelts. These were remains of stock used to equip the Martin 250 CE electric turret and the 250 SH hydraulic turret. Brand new but dirty from storage. $100.00
4130. USN Mark 8 MOD 0 sight top piece. Good condition. $35.00
4108. Motor Products corporation Boost Motors for ammunition feed. NOS never used condition $50.00
4082. Browning AN M2 .30 caliber gun mount. This item is complete with a trigger bar for firing the gun as used in the T-6 and other WWII aircraft. Very rare. $450.00
4080. Armament or drop tank mounting pylon. Good condition SOLD $63.00
4073. Possible Rocket Mounting Pylons. I have to confirm this, but these are pretty rare. SOLD $225.00
4072. Placquarding for an unidentified Turret, possibly B36. $45.00
4071. Ammunition box for unidentified turret. $75.00
4084. Mazda 844 gun sight bulbs. While there were various designated gunsight bulbs used in different turret and fixed gun sights, this bulb will fit nearly all of the gunsights out there as a replacement. $6.00 per bulb
3768. K13 Waist Gun Sight. The sight used on Consolidated B24 Liberator, Boeing B17 Flying Fortress, North American B25 Mitchell, Martin B26 Marauder, and other waist gun positions on WWII US bombers. These are used, but in pretty good shape. Each one has little squawks which will fix easily. $250.00
3788. Control, Bomb Release, AAF Type B3A and USN Mark 2. This is the bomb intervalometer which set the spacing between bomb strikes. It was used on all mediums, such as the North American B25, the Martin B26, the Douglass A20, and the heavies such as Consolidated B24 Liberator, Boeing B17 Flying Fortress and B29 Superfortress. These are units pulled from scrapped aircraft. They are in used condition, and some of them show much wear from use. I think those are the most interesting ones. SOLD
3865. Martin Gun Turret Swivel Joint. NOS from WWII. $125.00
3884. Vietnam era "Iron Bomb tail fin and nose case assembly. Nosecase assembly not pictured. $250.00
3885. WWII era 500 lb bomb casing. This is a sheet metal casing with original attach points. I believe they were originally filled with sand and dropped for practice. This one is light, and would be displayable with warbird or Chevy M6 and Ford GTBS bomb trucks! SOLD $450.00
3887, 3888. WWII and later 25 lb practice bombs. Used for training bombardier's during WWII. The blue training rounds are post WWII, but the other ones were made during or just before WWII. $55.00
3889. Another Vietnam era iron bomb. Also includes nose case, but not shown here. $250.00
3911. Bracket, Armament, circa 1967. Possibly for O1 Bird Dog or other light aircraft used by the US Army. Definitely useable as a hard point for displays. $35.00
3964. US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics Hydraulic Drive Motor. Manufactured by Sundstrand for Bell, I believe this is WWII but not sure. I do not know the application. $75.00
3965. Haskell Armament Displacing Cylinder. 1950's or 1960's armament hydraulic cylinder. $45.00
4030. US Navy Mark V Portable Electric Bomb winch. 24 volts, dual motor, capacity 2 tons. This one is brand new but the hooks for strapping onto bombs are rusted. $300.00
3772. Boeing B29 Super Fortress Bomb Bay Door Accumulator and Compressor. As removed from scrapped WWII aircraft, this item is in fair condition but would make a nice display for your armament collection. $300.00
3775. Gun Chargers and Safeties. I'm not sure which airplane these came from, but it was something with cowl guns and wing guns. Possibly P40? You decide. $150.00 for all three
3688. A4 Sight Selector Instrument. Panel gauge for the F86 Sabre. These are used take outs and are in fair condition. They will need some work to make functional, but will display nicely. $100.00
3565. Machine Gun Ammunition Box for Republic XP84 aircraft #3 and up. Rare collectible, or good for conversion to another ammunition box for use in warbird. $200.00
3097. K14 Gunsight rubber pad. Headache prevention for the fighter pilot of the P47, P51, F4U and others in case of a crash. I have these in excellent condition, take offs from scrapping operations, and the lettering will vary. This item is a rare replacement item for the K14 and Mark 18 Gunsights $60.00
3258: We have found original take-out gunsight harnesses, with all the units needed to make a K17, MK 18 sights functional on a Martin 250CE turret. They are Mark 18 items, some of which had remains of Martin 250 turrets still attached. They are appropriate for USN turrets, but would work as well on USAAF installations. This harness is probably a good basis for a K14 gunsight, which was developed from the MK18 and used on North American P-51 aircraft. The wiring and components are in VERY GOOD condition, although dirty and slightly corroded from sitting for too many years in an old crate, visible in the back of the pictures. 2443- $250.00. 3258- $175.00. Purchase 2443 and 3258 together for $350.00
3184. USAF A-1C Gun, Bomb, and Rocket Sight and Sight Amplifier. Believe it to be a first generation sight for the F86, but not sure. In excellent condition. $750.00
3185. Martin 250CE upper turret emergency hand crank. NOS as used on USN and USAAF turret installtions in WWII $150.00
3203. USN Mark 6 Bomb Hoist. I don't know much about these, but they are new condition in original crates. Unused $125.00
3251. NOS WWII Crocker Wheeler Turret part. This turret was used on Beech AT11 Gunnery and bombing trainers $25.00
2432. N9 Gunsight. The fighter pilot's friend. Previously used on P51 Mustang, and other famous WWII fighter aircraft. These are missing the rubber bumper and the plug-in for lighting the reticle. I have some damaged with bad lenses but all have working reticles. $125.00
2523. AN B10 and USN Mark 4 Mod 1 Bomb Shackles. For various WWII aircraft some in NOS condition. Electrical and manual release. $25.00
2445. Consolidated A6A and A6B outer fairing. This is the piece of the fairing to convert the A6A and A6B to a nose turret, as used on Consolidated B24J and later Liberators. We are making high quality reproductions to make your tail turret into a nose turret. Available 2005 Price to be announced!
2446. Consolidated A6, A6A, and A6B Turret Hydraulic Panel. Rarer than the turrets themselves, these are available for your restorations. Complete as removed from scrapping operations. I am surprised that more of these didn't survive as hydraulic "mules" in civilian service, but the instructions to charge the accumulator to 600PSI may have diluted some of the enthusiasm to use them! SOLD$1500.00
2446- continued. This is the remains of the skin which was attached to the hydraulic panel. They didn't take their time and remove the four bolts holding it on- it looks like they chopped it out of the airframe with an axe! As you can see, it is Blue and Gray. The gray was on the top, and the dark blue was on the bottom- I am guessing that this was on a PB4Y-1, since the later Privateers didn't use the same armament systems IT IS NOT FOR SALE, BUT IT IS HERE FOR US TO FONDLY REMEMBER ALL THE AIRFRAMES SCRAPPED AT THE END OF THE WWII!
2221. Southern Aviation Corporation Gun Camera Mounts. We have not been able to identify the specific use of these, but suspect that they were used on Martin Hydraulic Turrets built for the PBM Mariner. Whatever they are, they display those neat WWII N6 gun cameras nicely. The camera is shown only as a reference, and is not sold with this mount.**NOTE: We are down to the last of these, and the data plates have had the dates scored off of them for some reason. They are still nice! $35.00
2272. NOS Gun Solenoid Cables. I originally thought these were for the AN N6 Gun Camera as the connector looked right for them. However, after finding a tag on them illustrating their installation from the Martin 250 Turret Controller to a Gun Solenoid, I have relisted them. They may still be useful for conversion to an N6 camera cable, but I am not sure. $15.00
REPLACEMENT PHOTOS COMING SOON 2182. General Electric Turret Ammunition Feeder, dated 1943. For the B-29 RCT turrets. $75.00

    Background:  VICTORY!  Formations of US Navy aircraft flying over the Battleship Missouri just before the arrival of the Japanese surrender delegation on September 1 1945. 

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