1943 Photo Allied Aviation
Corporation LRA-1 Glider Cockpit
Center Founder John K. Seidts and
1944 Stinson L-5 44-17543

Electrical Items

Information below current as of 8 February 2017.

4717,4718,4719. WWII AN 3022-6, AN 3021-8, AN 3022-9 Aircraft Switches. NOS but untested. $7.00 each
0095. WWII C-1 Fluourescent Cockpit Lamps. Used on multiple WWII aircraft like BT-13, North American T-6 and others, these are nice original in the box. Boxes are worn, but most lamps appear in new condition. $55.00 each
465. WWII 6 and 4 position wiring junction blocks. Made of cast phenolic with cadmium-plated hardware, these are in brand new condition. $1.00 each LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE!
2257. Complete sets of WWII recognition lights. Red, Amber, and Green. 24Volts, but can be changed to 12V with bulb change $25.00 each, $55.00 for a set of one each red, amber, green
3306. Leach Single Pole Relay B5A. $24.00
3299. Allen Bradley B4A relay. $24.00
3293. Set of Phenolic Junction Blocks. Unknown application. $25.00
3274. Miniature Green Panel Light. $12.00
3281. 24 Volt Relay. $18.00
3221. Grimes Tail Position Light. Used, but in excellent shape. $32.00
3197. Bureau of Aeronautics Inverter. Specs as shown. $25.00
3180. 12V inverter power supplies for remote reading compasses $25.00
3142. 24 Volt Generator Voltage Regulators. Look like overstock from WWII. $35.00
3100. Fluourescent Bulb bases- for cockpit lamps. $1.00
3017. 24 Volt Taxi Lights converted to 6 Volt Landing Lights! These are WWII era 24 Volt Taxi Spotlights. I am sending you one of them with a 6 Volt bulb with two prong connections. Now you can light up the night with that pre-war airplane. $100.00
2526. NOS Grimes Tail Position Lights. I believe these were for marking where the ramp is on a C123 or C130. Anyway, nice Red NOS lights like the jump lights from WWII. $25.00 for a pair
2532. NOS 30 inch lengths of heat shrink. 1/4 inch diameter. $8.00 per 30 inch length
2407. NOS 1958 Grimes Rotating Beacon 24 Volt. Complete with fiberglass fairing. $35.00
2220. AN 3218-1. Microswitch BZE-7RO9T1. NOS for Fairchild C119. $12.00
2228 International Resistor Company 3000 Ohm 10 Watt Resistors. $10.00 per box
2236. Cannon Type Connectors. Various Manufacturers and Sizes. Call or email with your needs $1.00 to $10.00 each
2241. Resistor, Thermocouple Lead Spool AN 5534-1. NOS in the box. $7.00
2243. ES-4 Limit Switch. $12.00
2261. Square D 5 Amp 30 Volt Circuit Breaker Switches. Excellent for instrument panels, control boxes, etc. $10.00
2263. Heineman 80 Amp Continuous Circuit Breakers 28 Volts. NOS 22.00
2283. US Navy Standard Electrical Junction Boxes. Used on all WWII US Naval aircraft electrical systems. These are NOS but removed from fuel tank sending units. $15.00
2296. NOS landing light lenses. $15.00
2303. NOS post light bases with wire leads pre-soldered. $3.00 each
2312. NOS USN and AAF exterior light bases. I believe these are for obsolete wing tip lights from before WWII. NOS in the box. $10.00
2348. NOS 28 Volt Motor with splined shaft. Dalmotor, in the wrapper. $15.00
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    Background:  VICTORY!  Formations of US Navy aircraft flying over the Battleship Missouri just before the arrival of the Japanese surrender delegation on September 1 1945. 

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