1943 Photo Allied Aviation
Corporation LRA-1 Glider Cockpit
Center Founder John K. Seidts and
1944 Stinson L-5 44-17543

Aircraft Instruments, Instrument Fittings, and Related Items

Information below current as of 1 July 2016.

3064. The earlier answer for autopilot technology in WWII, the A5 was ultimately replaced by the advances of the C-1 which was standardized at the end of WWII. But it was quite advanced for its time and worked well. This is the control head of the A5 and is NOS in the box, as the photos show.

**NOTE: These are sample photos of the controller. I have one more available but the label on the box is not in as good condition as the ones in the photos.

6451. Late WWII AN/APX-6 Transpondor. This was the last of the WWII versions of the APX IFF transponders. Note WWII contract dates on this example. This one is in very good condition for display or installation on a restoration. /td> $125.00
5621. Pre-WWII era cream faced non-sensitive altimeter. This one is in very good to excellent condition, and works with altitude and weather changes. OEM Part for early pre-WWII Stinson, Aeronca, Taylorcraft, Rearwin, and Piper Aircraft $175.00
5629. Unidentified, possibly late 1940's or early 1950's jet aircraft instrument panel. No nomenclature plate to identify it. There is damage from where something was forcibly removed, but it is reparable. $250.00
5631. Possibly WWII 4 Engine Engineer's Panel. I have not identified it, but suspect it is a Douglas Product. $350.00
2228. Curtiss SOC Seagull Fuel Tank Gauge. If you like the beautiful lines of the Curtiss Seagull, you know there are none left in the world escept a few parts scattered among collectors. These are the fuel gauges for the aircraft, also marked SON for the Naval Aircraft Factory-Built version. This gauge type was a direct read gauge which used a small counter-pressure plunger to read the amount of fuel remaining in the tanks.  I have two versions of this gauge- a shallow back and a deep back.  All have WWII dates but I believe they were manufactured prior to the war.  Very rare! $100.00
Bendix Type EW-L Four Engine Magneto Switch. I believe this is the flight engineer's mag switch for a C-54, DC-4 or DC-6 $60.00
482. Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation or Ford Motor Company B-24 Liberator Bomb Bay Fuel Tank Sight gauge. This gauge was located in the bomb bay between the two sets of roller doors on the Liberator. A flight member could look at the tubes and know how much fuel remained. These were removed from scrapped aircraft after WWII. The have a 32 prefix part number, which is correct for Consolidated Liberators. Some have a GK prefix, indicating they were made by a subcontractor for the Ford Motor Company, which built 8000 Liberators in WWII. $175.00
Reiker Instrument Industries, Philadelphia, Pitch Gauge for US Naval Airship or Aircraft from 1920's or 1930's. This is a simple mechanical level gauge and is in used condition. SOLD
Reiker Instrument Industries, Philadelphia, Bank Gauge for US Naval Airship or Aircraft from 1930's or 1940's. This is a simple mechanical ball gauge and is in new condition. These were used in Naval Aircraft Factory N3N aircraft. $50.00
G. Felsenthal and Sons Cruising Calculator Mark I. Carried by all WWII USN pilots or navigators. $25.00
US Army Air Force BC732 control head for the ZB-1 glide slope receiver. The whole system was known as the MRN-1 and consisted of the ground radio and antennae and aircraft reception equipment. Developed before WWII, it was perfected and used throughout the war as the standard instrument approach system. The system is essentially the same one in use with modern upgraded radios. This control head was in every aircraft equipped with the ZB-1.  Note these are WWII control heads with 1960's yellow tags!   $19.00
3758. 8DJ4PXR. The Lockheed Lightning flap and landing gear gauge. Very rare, and used only on this type of airplane. Please note that these are ORIGINAL! Recently, other gauges like the DJ20 and DJ17 have been rebuilt with newly manufactured faces as replicas of this gauge. The ones I have in stock are ORIGINAL P38 gauges, not remade ones, and were removed from scrapped aircraft at the end of WWII. $325.00
3689. P51 Mustang Wing Tank Fuel Gauge. Various manufacturers. All will need minor repair. $55.00
3692. Airspeed Static Source selector switch. NOS in the wrapper. Appropriate for B17, B24, B29, B25, B26. ON BACKORDER $15.00
3695. 8DJ11 PCN flap indicator gauge. Small, 1 7/8 inches gauge for late WWII fighters such as Corsair, Hellcat, and P63. Brand new in the box $45.00
3696. A11 Vacuum Turn and Bank Gauge. In excellent condition as removed from scrapped WWII aircraft. $65.00
3705. US Navy Bubble Sextant. As used on PBY Catalina, PB4Y-1, PBJ, and PBM. In fair condition with minor corrosion, with original case. These are a good useable navigation tool if you know how to work them. $125.00
3706. Fuel Tank Gauges for Stinson L5. All models. These are in new or near new condition, and may have been removed from tanks scrapped at the end of WWII. Price is for two gauges. Pair $200.00
3707. 24-28 Volt US Navy Pitot Static Tube. In brand new condition, still sealed in box. $35.00
3708. US Gauge 1 7/8 inch temperature gauge with capillary. Still works and appears unused. Unidentified application but I would guess something single engine from WWII. $85.00
3709. WWII Oxygen Blinker Gauge. In excellent condition, but used. These were present at every crew station on any WWII fighter, bomber, or transport plane. $25.00
3783. Brand new in the box A5 Automatic Pilot component. $45.00
3784. 8DJ4PEE. Four engine cowl flap indicator. Consolidated B24, Boeing B17, Lockheed C69 Constellation. $45.00
3794. 8DJ4PDF four tank indicator for WWII fighter aircraft. $65.00
3796. P51B or P-51D fuselage tank fuel gauge. The tank sat right behind the pilot but is generally removed for the two-seat conversions.  Rare gauge. $75.00
3797. Model 8DJ11PEA. Wing flap indicator for WWII aircraft. New condition. $55.00
3798. Lycoming tachometer. Used condition as removed from aircraft. $25.00
3799. 8DJ50 GAB. Jet Nozzle area gauge for early post-WWII jet. $25.00
3800. WWII feathering switches. Appropriate for Boeing B17, Martin B26, North American B25. In used condition as removed from four engine aircraft. $12.00
3802. 8DJ20 AAE. For WWII single engine aircraft. Fuel quantity indicator. $40.00
3803. Model 8DJ4EAF. Fuel Gauge for WWII US Navy Aircraft. $65.00
3805. 400 Knot Airspeed Indicator. NOS. $75.00
3807. Position Indicator Type A-3. AAF common to North American P51, Republic P47, Curtiss P40 for flaps and landing gear. $45.00
3809. WWII Type A5 and B5 dual magneto switches. 3/4 one is for early Boeing B17. Left and Right's are for Martin B26, Douglass A20, and others. $110.00
3811. 0-300 amp meter for large aircraft in WWII. NOS in the box. $25.00
3819. Brand new WWII K-1 0-500PSI oxygen cylinder pressure gauge. Appropriate for all WWII aircraft. $15.00
3831. BC 706. Early intercom amplifire, replaced later by the BC347. $15.00
3682. Direct Read 50 inch Manifold Pressure Gauge. $65.00
3681. Three Position Flap Gauge. New condition. $37.00
3680. 140 Gallon Main Tank Gauge. New condition. $40.00
3722. Pratt Whitney Pre-WWII, WWII, and later engine test panel. For ground testing a Pratt Whitney Radial. I believe this is pre-WWII due to the Scintilla type EA Magneto Switch with the company name embossed on the switch- I have never seen one in 25 years of collecting. Reliance Tachometer is early, as well as some of the other instruments, but the panel was obviously upgraded over the years. Extremely rare. I want this to go to a good location, and will consider partial trades and other arrangements with museums. $2000.00
3111. Briggs and Stratton Air Corps Type B5 Dual Magneto Switches. Used on UC-78, B26 Marauder, Beech AT11 and other WWII aircraft. As removed condition. $55.00
3264. Joseph Pollak Twin Engine Magneto Switches. Excellent condition as used on North American B25, Martin B26, Grumman Tracker, and other WWII twins. $50.00
3194. NOS Scintilla EP-E magneto switches for Jacobs Aircraft Engines. In very good unused condition, in original boxes. $65.00
3113. Rear Fuel Tank Gauge for 144 Gallon Capacity Tank. New condition. $45.00
3682. Direct Read 50 inch Manifold Pressure Gauge. $65.00
3681. Three Position Flap Gauge. New condition. $37.00
3680. 140 Gallon Main Tank Gauge. New condition. $40.00
3679. Boeing B17 Flap Gauges. Hard to find gauge for the Boeing Flying Fortress. $105.00
3678. Excellent condition Vacuum Turn and Bank Gauges. In wrappers from removal from scrapped WWII aircraft. $65.00
3503. Pre-WWII Naval Aircraft Factory N3N Fuel Tank Gauge. Similar to the one offered with the Helldiver marking, this is a rare find for the N3N enthusiast. $100.00
3112. Triple Gauge. Suitable for many WWII aircraft. As removed condition. $75.00
3153. Used take off Jaeger C11 Tachometers. Appropriate for PT19, PT26, Stinson L5, Curtiss P40 later variants. $65.00
3150. Kollsman mechanical flap gauge. NOS $35.00
3143. B17 Fuel Quantity Gauge. $125.00
3473. Various AN switches. $15.00 each
3471. NOS WWII A12 Oxygen Regulator First Stage (Line Pressure) regulators. Excellent condition $15.00
3468. NOS Landing Gear Position switches. Appropriate for our NOS flap and landing gear gauges for North American B25, Northrup P61, and Martin B26. $25.00
3411. NOS USN AC volt meters 0-150 Volts $22.00
3235. Used Pioneer Climb Gauge from late 1930's. $75.00
3212. NOS WWII oil pressure gauge. Dated 1944, and new in box. $50.00
3196. NOS B29 Superfortress Oil Tank quantity gauge. $35.00
3178. Angle drive converter for Stewart Warner Tachometers. $15.00

3159. Early Autogyro or Helicopter Angle Drive Tachometer. Excellent condition. $125.00
3158. F1 Airspeed indicator. Appropriate for B29, F4U Corsair, other WWII aircraft. $75.00
2509. NOS P51B and D fuel tank gauge. Excellent condition. The boxes are marked P51D but the one we opened had a B model gauge in it. $50.00
3063. Post War Tachometer for Piper Cub, marked with an overhaul tag and L4! Just lucked out on finding marked gauges- I didn't notice it until the Vice President of my EAA Chapter told me about it. The face is faded, but the needle bounces easily. I am unable to move the angle drive. I found it, you get it working again! $200.00
3062. AN 5736-1 Artificial Horizon marked for PB4Y-2, the Consolidated Privateer. This is the first time I have seen a gauge marked specifically to this aircraft. These were from scrapping salvage after WWII. Has a reparable tag inside the wax paper wrapper. $100.00
2505. NOS outside air temperature gauges. From WWII, marked AAF, but stil work very well. With mounting sleeve. $15.00
WWII USN DJ17 Flap and Landing Gear Indicator. B26 Marauder, early B25C and D models, Northrup P61 Black Widow, and possibly Grumman Tiger Shark. NOS Condition in original box. $17.00 shipped anywhere in US.
NOS Pre-WWII Aircraft Electric Flap Gauge. Possibly for Lockheed Electra, Howard DGA, Spartan Executive. In perfect condition, with original tag on rear. ON HOLD FOR CUSTOMER $55.00
2427. RARE! USN Pre-WWII Curtiss Helldiver Gauge. Not the well known one from WWII, but the predecessor built before WWII. I have included a photo of the original rebuild tag I found on one of these gauges, from NAS Miami in 1942. Excellent condition fuel quantity indicator. Some of these are marked SBC-3, and some are marked SBC-4. $35.00
2429. A12 Oxygen Regulators. Various Manufacturers and in restorable condition. Used in B24 Liberators and Boeing B17's $55.00
2438. AN 5530. Type E-13. 4500 RPM Indicator, 1943. excellent condition. $25.00
WWII Tank Float Gauge. NOS perfect condition in original shipping box. Measures up to 330 Gallons, but could be re-configured for other aircraft use. $55.00
2441. Odd Adjustable Airspeed Indicator. In good condition. $35.00
2447. USN Bureau of Aeronautics Tachometer 4500 RPM. In excellent condition. $30.00
2448. Elevator Trim, probably post WWII. In excellent condition. $7.00
2449. AN 5536T2A. Indicator, Thermocouple Thermometer. Dual. In excellent condition. $25.00
2450. WWII C12 Altimeter, rebuildable, in excellent shape Call for Availability
2451. WWII Jaeger B2 Nose pitch gauge, adjustable. $15.00
2452. AN 5536T2A. Indicator, Thermocouple Thermometer. Dual. In fair condition. $15.00
2453. WWII GR2 Attitude indicator for Autopilot. Same face and equipment as the AN 5736 Artificial Horizons. Data plate has corrosion, but rest of gauge looks in new condition. $45.00
2454. WWII C1 24 Volt Electric Turn and Bank. NOS Condition in original box. $25.00



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