1943 Photo Allied Aviation
Corporation LRA-1 Glider Cockpit
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1944 Stinson L-5 44-17543

Power Plant

Information below current as of 4 September 2015.

4206. Curtiss Electric Constand Speed Propeller Alternator for P-40 Warhawk. NOS $250.00
4205. Curtiss P-40 Warhawk part number 87-CEL-100956. Prop nut for Curtiss Electric Propeller. $ $105.00 each.
4204. WWII German Carbeuretor. Used and in poor condition, but may have useable parts. $225.00
4203. WWII German Oil Cooler. From a Flying JU-52. Probably a good core. $200.00
4202. WWII General Electric Turbosupercharger from Boeing B17 Flying Fortress. NOS in the crate. $4200.00
4178. Bendix NEA-3 Generator. Appropriate for Lawrance Auxiliary Power Units used during WWII. NOS $300.00
4177. Propeller Gear. $650.00
4176. Magneto Distributor Block. Probably for Wright R 2600 application. $35.00
4175. Magneto Distributor Block. NOS. $25.00
4132. Propeller Hub possibly for Curtiss OX-5. Fair Condition. $400.00
4046. Scintilla PN3D Magneto's. Very rare, as used on the Lawrance, Szekely, and Lenape three cylinder radial engines of the 1920's and 1930's. These are cores, but in very good shape including remains of the plug wires for an authentic restoration. $1000.00 the pair.
3787, 3786. Franklin 150 and 165 Valve Train Covers. NOS in the box, in Chrome or Parkerizing (a dull gray finish). $40.00
3782. NOS impeller for use on R1830-43 and -65 engines as used on B24 Liberator. $250.00
3781. Valve, oil temperature regulator. Unknown application. Good shape as removed from scrapped aircraft. $165.00
3761. Stainless Steel Exhaust or Supercharger Segment and Clamp. NOS and in great shape. $95.00
3779. Bendix SF4L Magneto. Original equipment for Piper Cub. Core, but looks complete. $100.00
3766. NOS Gear for WWII Constant Speed Propeller. I don't have specs on these yet, but will have them soon. $150.00
3751. Pre-WWII Prop Clamps for early ground adjustable propellers. NOS. $50.00
3748. E80 Starter. NOS and yellow tagged from WWII, but needs cleaning due to poor storage. 12 Tooth, Right Hand drive, 24 Volt. $200.00
3744. NOS original P51 Mustang Ignition Harness. In excellent condition but small dent on the tubing. $110.00
3742. Oil temperature regulator and clamps for Ranger Aircraft Engines. Includes Thermistor. These were take-outs from scrapped aircraft. $225.00
3735. Exhaust Segment, unidentified Application. NOS. $105.00
3729. As removed PT19 and PT26 oil tanks and hard tubing, with diverter valve. These are used and will need re-hab for work. $100.00
3719, 3720. Pair of Starters. 3719 is Eclipse Type 462 Type 9. 3720 is Type Y100. Brand new but shelf-worn condition. $175.00 each.
3716. Possibly new Aluminum Oil Temperature Regulators. WWII, and not a standard size. In very good shape. $275.00
3713. Part #14938. Deflector Assembly for Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engines. Brand new! $25.00
2208. Lycoming R680 225 HP (only) magneto distributor blocks and rotors. NOS in the box. This is for right or left side only, but I don't know which! $75.00
2320. F2 electrical single contact plugs $15.00
2346. Pratt & Whitney Stud 57353 +4. NOS in the box. 50 per box. $25.00
3022. Franklin Aircraft Engine Cylinders. Either NOS or reconditioned and in the box. Three in stock. $150.00
3082. Harrison Radiator. Something big. Looks in Excellent condition, with no evidence of use. $1000.00
3115. Pratt Whitney Lock, part number 243379. $1.00 each
3129. Exhaust Stacks. Believe to be for Grumman Goose. NOS and in good condition. $175.00
3144. Tachometer Drive for unknown application, but probably for USN license built engines. $25.00
3146. Believe to be NOS nose case bearings or prop bearings for Curtiss Wright Aircraft engines. $45.00
3147. BG 416S Spark plugs. NOS in the box. $5.00 each
3149. Wright engine nut plate. NOS in the wrapper. $7.00 a section.
3152. Plate 0259-843 9799. Allison Aircraft Engine application. $25.00
3195. Franklin 65 HP crank. Tagged with an old tag that says "magnufluxed, ok" but I would want to do it again. $250.00
3199. AAF cable terminal end assemblies, marked USAAF 41B 6831 Change F. Appropriate for many different aircraft engine applications. $10.00 per box of 100.
3223. Continental 65 HP seal and rubber kit. NOS from 1970's for rebuild of the Piper Cub, Aeronca Champ, or Taylorcraft powerplant. $65.00
3227. Continental A65 intake manifold. Looks NOS, in excellent condition. $100.00
3270. NOS SNJ3/T6B or later oil reservoir tank. Both are in good condition but need minor corrosion clean up. $250.00 each
3452. AAF Type V aircraft engine starter component. $125.00
3475. Lord Dynafocal Engine Mount RM 37. $45.00
3489. Curtiss Brush Assembly, for Curtiss Electric propeller. Part number 4006 112187. $75.00
3500. Hamilton Standard Propeller Shaft Extensions. Part Number 52940. USN acceptance and conditions. $100.00
3525. Sikorsky R5 Helicopter Tail Rotor Gearboxes. NOS, yellow tagged from 1946 to 1948. $250.00
3527. Engine Oil Temp regulator. Large, approximately 10 inches across, with regulator thermostat head. $ 350.00
3529. Believe to be for De Havilland Otter- cooling shutter for engine. NOS and in excellent condition. $200.00
3171. Overhauled Magneto SF9 LN4. $250.00
2440. AC SA-47 Spark Plugs for Franklin Aircraft Engines. NOS in the can, 25 plugs which fit 6A4-150 B3, B4, B31, and 6A4-165 B3, B4, B6. Excellent condition. Packed in cans 1946 $105.00 a can shipped anywhere in US.
2430. Cartridge Starter. I believe these are for C82 or C119 aircraft. Some NOS, some take-offs 75.00
2525. BG spark plugs type 4B2-S. 50.00 per 25
2546. Allison Engine Clamp. 6714651. NOS in wrapper. 15.00
3034. Aircraft Magneto, SF7RN-4. Worn from storage, no tags, but believe to have been rebuilt. 200.00
3027. Air Oil Separator. Type B-12. NOS and in perfect condition, same wrapper from WWII. 100.00
3023. Magneto, SF12RGP3. Unknown application. 200.00
3022. Franklin Aircraft Engine Cylinder. FSN 2810-393-8060. Possibly for Bell 47, NOS, no tags. 150.00
2207. Harrison Oil Cooler. Measurement 13"x11.25" on mounting flange. Model AP22AU11-01 Part No8518364 $425.00
2022.jpg (27994 bytes)2022. Another Supercharger, marked Superchargers INC. Division of Borg Warner, Model # E2502. $250.00
2025.jpg (31470 bytes)2025. Series 43 Aircraft Starter.   Eclipse Aircraft Starter Type G-6A Spec 95-32304A $280.00
2012.jpg (33637 bytes)2012. Manifold Pressure Boost Control AC Type A-1 $225.00
2034. Aircraft DC Generator Type P-2 MFR Part NO 914-23-A, Order No AF 1471.  NOS, with storage wear.  $350.00
Item Condition: All items are offered as is, where is at time of sale. Color, quantity, condition, or airworthiness of (an) item(s) are opinions and not to be considered means for evaluating an item for suitability of application. All items purchased by buyers with the express intended purpose of use on flying aircraft should be examined by US Government Licensed Repair Facilities or Personnel prior to installation, upgrade, or attachment to an aircraft that is to be flown. All such items should be tested and certified as safe by US Government Licensed Repair Facilities or Personnel prior to installation on aircraft. CONDITION!
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