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Information below current as of 28 November 2008.

4101. September 30 1941 Aeronca 65CA Chief. Excellent candidate for a great light sport aircraft restoration. Includes lots of rare and original parts. Click the photo for a better description! $8500
3092. Grumman TF9J. Considered to be the strongest of all the Grumman Cat fighters, the Grumman TF9J Cougar was known for taking the strongest punishment. This aircraft is the only two-seater version of that aircraft available for private sale or restoration. $25,000
3992. 1927 Alexander Eaglerock. True American "Can-Do" makes me think about the Alexander Eaglerock. When aircraft manufacturers of the day would not take seriously the order of Alexander Industries for the unheard of number of 50 airplanes, they built their own aircraft! Al Mooney worked at the factory gluing ribs, and this was one of the stars of the airshow circuit in the 1920's. It was also seriously considered as a contender for the first trans-atlantic flight. This particular example belonged at one point to George Brinckerhoff, who ran College Park Airport in Maryland from 1927 to 1929. Initially powered by OX-5's, then Wright J-5's, the Eaglerock was offered in short wing, long wing, and combination wing varieties. Included in this offering is the original instrument panel with data plate, cockpit fairing, fire wall, a fuselage former, some cabane struts, landing gear struts. Provided with bill of sale from the estate. A pair of Curtiss OX-5 engines is available separately for sale with this project. $4000
Taylorcraft L2 Project Paperwork and Data Plates. Complete set of Data plates including AAF assignment plate and manufacturer's plate. $500
3505. Lawrance Model 30D Auxiliary Power Unit. Click the photo for more details. $1500
DETAILS COMING SOON! 79. Consolidated Vultee BT13B VU. Nearly complete airframe project. $32,000
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    Background:  VICTORY!  Formations of US Navy aircraft flying over the Battleship Missouri just before the arrival of the Japanese surrender delegation on September 1 1945. 

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