1943 Photo Allied Aviation
Corporation LRA-1 Glider Cockpit
Center Founder John K. Seidts and
1944 Stinson L-5 44-17543

Updated 13 February 2012- New Photos and items!
Created August 9th, 1999

UFO's- we've seen hundreds of them, and have piles of them in our not so secret storage facilities.  And the government is not trying to get us to cover them up. 


Years ago, the identity of these parts was lost.  Today, you could help us find it again... and maybe get a warbird in the air...


Here's the deal.  Below are thumbnail photos of WWII era parts we have acquired.   Click on the photo for a larger picture.  We have ideas on what the items are, but can't positively identify them to any specific types of aircraft.    If you happen to know what they are, and your ID can be confirmed, we will give you a "UFO Premium" discount on any parts for sale in our shop.  For each part you identify, you get a 10%  discount on any single part listed on our site (including the part you identify, if you so desire).  We ask that your identification be confirmed in one or more of the following ways:

1.  Views of the part and listing in a Technical Manual or Technical Order.  A scan sent to our email address will work, but you can mail us a photocopy if scanning equipment is not available.

2.  Period photographs of the part on an aircraft.

3.  A letter from a noted authority who specializes in the subject type of aircraft. 

So dive in, Sarge- the shipment is in from the depot, but the yellow tags all blew off when the re-supply crashed!  The Old Man wants 'em hangin' on airframes by tomorrow's mission.  Enjoy, and...        



On to the parts...

795. WWII Vintage Rudder Pedals. Possibly Japanese. NOT FOR SALE!
3651. Wing or passageway bracing. Unknown application $35.00
3633. Unidentified built up piece with forgings on each end. The steel box structure on the arms is around wood. I am guessing this is a mount for something. ID'd- WWII Waco CG-4A Glider Control Column! NOT FOR SALE
3630. Marked HAND HYD PUMP with the 25 number prefix as noted. The handle originally extended, and MIGHT be coaxed to return to function, but no guarantees. $45.00
3629. Marked 021117, a brace or hard point of some sort. $35.00
3625. Set of gears with locking and unlocking mechanism, perhaps a trim mechanism? $25.00
3621. Another interesting t4im mechanism. $25.00
3619. Some type of trim tab. $55.00
3618. Wingtip, nicely built, possibly for Bamboo Bomber. $135.00
3606. A radio tray for some WWII aircraft. Although needing clean, I don't think it was used in WWII. ID'd- Radio Tray for Cessna UC-78 Bamboo Bomber $55.00
3605. This item was hinged somewhere, with a lock on the other end. It may have been a set of steps. $75.00
3603. Canopy piece. Steel that is not in good shape, but built up from square tubing. Good for pattern $65.00
3404. Bendix Strut, possibly for Curtiss or Grumman aircraft. $125.00
3402. $44.00
3387. $150.00
3383. $40.00
3381. $10.00
3364. $50.00
3361. $10.00
3347. $100.00
3357. $40.00
3332. ID'd- WWII Aircraft Gunnery Practice Target Sleeve $20.00
3322. $100.00
3318. $70.00
3308. $65.00
3305. $25.00
3302. $25.00
3295. $75.00
3291,3292. $45.00
3283. $15.00
3271. $75.00
3269. $50.00
3211. $400.00
2507. Vintage control yoke and rudder pedal tower. Possibly for a large WWI aircraft. Marked Tison Brothers Los Angeles California. Came from a scrap yard somewhere in the Southeast. Definitely for something big, and not WWII standard issue. Parts are numbered 55 everywhere. Some reparable corrosion, some irreparable. I am rather intrigued by this item. $250.00
2068. Housing Assembly. Cast, forged, and painted aluminum. $100.00
2065. Wright Aeronautical Corporation, made of stainless steel. New in wrapper. Got no idea...! $100.00
2251. NOS WWII Heavy Switch box. Has a spring loaded switch, possibly actuator for starter. Has two micro-switches inside built-up box. $25.00
2240. Liquidometer Corporation Fuel Tank Float Gauge. Marked in Imperial Gallons and Gallons. Part number indicates a Glenn L. Martin Experimental Bomber, but they were re-configured for something else? Mars, Mauler? Tell us, please! $35.00
2273. Eclipse Aviation Oil Separator. NOS in box. Type 564, Model 2, Style A. Brand new condition. If it's for a BT13, it's not for sale! $150.00
2292. Airesearch Regulator, Air Flow. It appears to have been built on a venturi, and may be useful as a venturi for the right aircraft. Brand new, came out of a ratty box. $25.00
2293. NOS Phenolic Resin sheet riveted battery cover or voltage regulator cover. This looks very similar to the battery covers I have seen on Cessna 150's but it definitely is WWII. I hope someone finds a use for them all! $25.00
2258. NOS Oil Tank for something big. Unknown aircraft, possibly Glenn L. Martin or Eastern Aircraft. This one lays flat, with sump as shown in photograph. Possibly B26 Marauder, Martin Mariner, Eastern Wildcat. $75.00

    Background:  VICTORY!  Formations of US Navy aircraft flying over the Battleship Missouri just before the arrival of the Japanese surrender delegation on September 1 1945. 

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