1943 Photo Allied Aviation
Corporation LRA-1 Glider Cockpit
Center Founder John K. Seidts and
1944 Stinson L-5 44-17543

Airframe pieces, materials, and hardware

Updated 2 September 2019.

511. US Navy WWII Aircraft Carrier Deck Ratcheting Tie Downs. A unique survivor, new in original boxes, which was rated at 2500lbs to tie down aircraft on the deck of the carrier. $95.00 each, set of four for $300.00
6603. Consolidated PBY Catalina Horizontal Stabilizer Tips. These are NOS pairs of stab tips, in original WWII paint. They have shelf wear from long-term storage, but are in excellent condition with very little storage corrosion. $400.00 per set
6617. Eastern Aircraft Corporation TBM-1C Avenger Left Horizontal Stabilizer. The General Motors licensed-produced version of the Grumman design. This is NOS, in original paint, and shows storage wear. There is some bending of the skin contour near the leading edge inboard side, as seen in the photos. Everything else looks very useable and in great shape. $2500.00
6573. De Havilland of Canada Otter Engine Cowl. NOS condition, but the leather seal is dried out. $325.00
6581. Seat, Aircrew, Adjustable Spec. Mil-S-7832. NOS 1966 aircrew seat. This is a replacement seat as used on various aircraft including TB-25J aircraft for passenger seats $750.00
6586. Junkers JU52 Brake Packs. Pair of brake packs from the famous WWII German transport aircraft. Includes some replacement brake shoe cores, some with linings, some without. These are in dirty but fair condition. $600.00 the pair
5166. Original WWII Cessna UC-78 or T-50 Bobcat "Bamboo Bomber" Throttle Quadrant. Good condition with all knobs. Moves freely and the tensioner nut works well. $225.00
5668. Wrap Lock, a 1920's Patented system for attaching hoses with a ratcheting tool. This is a brand new kit in the original cardboard cover and tin, including cotter pins, steel clamp material, the clamp keeper, and the small ratcheting tool for making the clamp tight. The instructions are on the can, and this was used by Golden Age aircraft to fix in place hoses and lines on fittings. I doubt that it is legal or safe for aviation use today, but it is a very nice peek into the past and how they did it in the old days. This would have been used in vintage hot rods and racing, to make quick fixes on hoses and oil lines, coolant hoses, and air intake hoses. $49.00
4720. Snap-On Tools WWII Pratt and Whitney 11/16" Spark Plug Socket with 3/8" Drive. NOS with original phenolic insert. RARE! $12.00
Cessna L19 Aircraft Parts UPDATED DECEMBER 2012. Click the "Bird Dog" to see additional photos and information Click Here to see the Parts!
  846. Vultee BT-13 Baggage Compartment Project. This one has a wooden frame floor. It has good hard components, but will need complete canvas replacement.  Note parts number on stencil. 
856. Waco CG-4 Glider Tailwheel Shock Strut. Both well-marked by Waco and the subcontractor which made them in WWII. I don't know if these will fit the gliders of other manufacturers, so please check your measurements and I will measure these prior to purchase. I would really like to see one of these fly again. $75.00 each.
668. Boeing B-17 Main Landing Gear motor and gear box. Y-150. Armature is clean, and there is some minor corrosion on the final drive gear case. A drum was held on with a nail on the key way. $225.00.
617. Glenn L. Martin Model 162 PBM Mariner Engine Cowling. One of the nicest original paint WWII sheet metal pieces I have ever seen. Minor corrosion as shown in photo of the D-Zus receiver $1200.00.
612. WWII German cowling piece. I believe this is off a Junkers JU52 transport. Note warning plate on small access door and remnants of Luftwaffe Gray paint on the inside surface. $175.00.
3648. Cessna T50 or UC78 Bobcat Tail Stinger. Used but in good shape. Some minor surface corrosion. $200.00.
3704. Douglass C-54 DC4 or R5D cowlings. These NOS items are in very good condition but have some slight bending from storage handling. The air diversion valves are in excellent condition and work well. Excellent for replacement or use on other WWII aircraft. $850.00 each
3945. Curtiss Trim Gearbox and cables. Appear NOS, with parts number. Possibly from Curtiss P40 Warhawk or C46 Commando. $125.00
3923. Shaft Assembly, Engine Control. Believe to be for R2600 engine, but adaptable to other uses. $95.00
3931, 3927, 3928. WWII Piper J3 Cub Vertical Stabilizer and Rudders. In good shape, some NOS from L4 production during WWII. Minor corrosion which should clean up with bead blasting and new paint. $125.00 per stabilizer or rudder
Wheels, Tires and Brakes. UPDATED!
3371. Gas Tank Covers and inserts. For large WWII aircraft. As removed during scrapping operations. $45.00
3320. American Seating Harness Reels. NOS in the box with all hardware, and lock/unlock lever. Appropriate for all WWII seat types with lockable harness reels. Brand new condition. $125.00
3127. Cowling Ring for large radial. Brand new condition. $275.00
2416. Seat Mount for L-Bird. Unknown application. $65.00.
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3612. Unknown Instrument Panel. I believe it is for something large, and of course it has been modified for a post-war radio. $150.00.
3611. Bamboo Bomber UC78 Instrument Panel. Good for restoration, but has some corrosion on rear face that will need to be treated and removed PRICE ON REQUEST!
3222. Taylorcraft L2 Tailwheel assembly with 6 X 2 Solid Military Tire Assembly. Used Very good condition $300.00.
3442. Grumman TBM Wing Lock Cylinders. Used but rebuildable $75.00
3609. T6 Elevator. Needs repair. $150.00
3610. Early Model P51 Mustang Canopy frame. $200.00
3620. T6 Forging $55.00
3622. T6 Rudder Pedal Yoke. $75.00
3650. Antenna Base with short porcelain insulator. Appropriate for all WWII aircraft equipped with radios, such as P51, P47, P40 and P38. $45.00
3418. Vought manufactured brake master cylinders. NOS in wrapping, dated 1945. Possibly for OS2U Kingfisher $150.00 per pair
3519. Vought Corsair Springs. Unknown Application. $10.00 each
3533. Windshield center moulding. Useful compound curve fairing. Believe for UH helicopter, but not sure. $25.00 per piece
3547. Consolidated B24 Liberator Tail Skid Snubber. NOS, yellow tagged. Core required as trade for this item. $75.00
3555. Glenn L. Martin B26 Marauder Main or Nose Gear Down or Up lock cylinder. Manufactured by The Maytag Company, which provided all hydraulics for GLM in WWII. $175.00 or trade for other B26 Marauder Parts
3564. Bell P59 Airacomet part. Unknown application, but the data plate says it all. Only 66 Airacomets were produced. $500.00
3409. NOS Vultee BT13 SNV flap gearbox. Part number 63-72008. $45.00
3410. NOS Vultee SNV BT13 rear cockpit flap crank gearbox. Part number 63-72015. $85.00
3415. NOS WWII Flight Data case. Very nice shape but removed from USN aircraft. Looks similar to one I saw in a PT22. $100.00
3423. NOS Lockheed PV1 Ventura map and flight data case. Has original tag $150
3445. AN210-6B Phenolic control cable pulleys 7.00
3449. NOS unused data plates for rebuilding an F101 part. $10.00
3454. Grumman F6F-5K Hellcat Control Grip. NOS in the box. VERY RARE $350.00
3459. WWII Windshield wiper motor, vacuum or air pressure operated $25.00
3461. Various DeHavilland Otter pieces. Call for detailed list Prices to be announced
3479. PBY Catalina, possibly for canopy glass $55.00
3481. Landing light glass for Fairchild C82. Made of tempered glass, could be used for other warbird applications $75.00
3484. Fairing marked for R4D (C47 or DC3) $25.00
3492. Heat Shroud for DeHavilland Otter Heater $250
3493. Pulley assembly for DeHavilland Otter $50.00
3497. Scott Tail wheel steeing ears $35.00

3422. One NOS, one used T6 Main Landing Gear mounting forgings. This is a set of left and right North American T6 Main Landing Gear castings. If yours are bad, or you need to replace them due these look good and one was removed from an SNJ. Please contact me if you have additional questions about this item! $1000 for the pair
3094. P80 or T33 Tail Section. Some corrosion evident, and includes empennage in good condition(not in photos) $3500
3038. DeHavilland of Canada Seat. Believe to be for Beaver, Otter, or Twin Otter. NOS but shows wear. $250.00
3040. NOS Canopy Rail. In excellent condition. Part Number 305759 L 787 7075 $125.00
3021. NOS 1 inch square corrugated panels. Originally manufactured for C119 aircraft, these are excellent structural materials for manufacturing various components on WWII fighter and bomber aircraft. I have two sizes. Large (in photo with ruler) is 33 X 18 inches. Small is 33 X 12 inches. $45.00 Large, $35.00 small
3003. Probably from a Martin aircraft, but unknown application. This was a panel with straps for attaching some piece of equipment. It has a spring loaded catch on one end $25.00
2544. NOS but shelf worn message cable release. Suitable for towing banners. $35.00
2540. NOS Extruded Aircraft Hinge. 1.5 inches wide, 30 inches long. $15.00 a section
2524. Control Rod End with bearing. NOS. End is already threaded. 15.00
2406. Vultee BT13 Wooden Wing Tip. In good possibly useable condition. $75.00
2504. NOS Aircraft Brake Backing Plates, Wheel Cylinders, and shoes. Single band type. NOS in perfect condition. Marked BF Goodrich and 13 inches in diameter 2 1/4 inches wide. Also marked USN. $425.00 the set of two
2510. "Dot" type locking pal nut fasteners. 1/4 X 20 size. $10.00 per box/100
2512. L5 Left Hand Flap. Yellow tagged from 1956, but fabric will need replacement. $100.00
2513. Troop type seat belts. Used. Good for experimentals or use of hardware. $10.00 each plus shipping. Four for $40.00 shipped
2342. Structural Corrugated Aluminum! This is 22 gauge built into mess tables. Measures 24 X 54 inches. The corrugated is backed with same gauge sheet aluminum. Good for early 1930's and 1940's restorations. Sample price includes shipping and will be deducted from your first sheet's purchase! $7.50 a sample, $40.00 a sheet
Aircraft Intake Scoops. NOS made of Phenolic, and large, about 16 inches across. Possibly for R3350. Pre-drilled for riveting sheet metal. $25.00
AN Standard Bolts. Ask for what we have in stock! ASK FOR PRICES!
Sheet Metal Fasteners! Ask for what we have in stock! Inquire for prices!
COMING SOON! Reproduction WWII Flight Data Cases. They were so popular that the original WWII box of 25 that we had SOLD OUT!. The example was a NOS WWII one which we saved to reproduce. COMING SOON!
NOS Oil Tank Holding Straps. Natural Rubber in excellent condition. Make up new ones for the old grungy ones you have! $25.00 a set
NOS lengths of anti-squeak. A bit dirty from storage, but cleanedup nice. Made of cloth with natural fiber interior. 82 inches long, about 1.25 by 0.5 inches in cross section. $10.00/length
NOS WWII era Wood anchor bolts. Used on Howard, Stinson, Aeronca, and other wood applications. Our Stinson L5 uses these on the window frames. NOS. $5.00/dozen
NOS Teleflex control rod ends. Unknown original application, but good solid ball bearing eye end threaded onto 4130 tube. Excellent for replacing worn units on your vintage control systems. $17.00
NOS control rod routing universals. Small size, ideal for building up new control rods for fuel selectors or other cockpit controls. $7.00


    Background:  VICTORY!  Formations of US Navy aircraft flying over the Battleship Missouri just before the arrival of the Japanese surrender delegation on September 1 1945. 

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